Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tis' the season

October 2006

October 2008

The one thing I dread about this time of year is this! Easton starts to having a hard time breathing and has a nasty cough from Sept to April. "They" say kids tend to grow out of this around 3years old so I'm really really hoping Easton will follow that pattern. He is such a little trooper. He puts his dragon mask on and sits patiently until the breathing treatment is over. He's been doing it for so long it's just part of the routine.


Natalie said...

I share your pain! We've already had our machine out too. Chase started daily medicine a week ago and is still hacking through the night. Good Luck... and I hope he really does grow out of it.

atkinson family said...

Easton, I didn't even know you were sick. You are a trooper! I love the dragon mask, Get feeling better soon, you've got some serious trick or treating to do this year.

Ms. Mort said...

Buddy makes a great dragon! What a good boy.