Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ginger-"The lost kitten, that's not"

Meet "Ginger" She is a cat that my girls ( along with the rest of the neighborhood) have become quite attatched to. We all thought she was lost so the kids started making "lost" posters in hopes to find it's owner. Morgan even put the posters in page protectors incase there was bad weather---that girl is always thinking ahead!! Well, come to find out " Ginger" is really "Dodger" who lives a couple of streets over. Her owners just found out about her home away from home and are willing to share her every now and then, as long as the kids are nice to her. We are glad she has a home---she is a very sweet cat.

Harley doesn't have the same opinion....she thinks "ginger" would TASTE sweet for lunch!

Ashlyn and Ashley spent all afternoon with "Ginger" and were reluctant to let her go ...even if it was bed time!


atkinson family said...

Oh Ginger. I am so glad we found your owner! and thank you Melina for being more patient then I am!