Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Cousin Babies

Cecil's 2 youngest brothers, Abe and Jon both became daddys on the same day...Jon has a boy named Ohen and Abe has a girl named Marley. Look at those cute little cousins!

Ashlyn means business when it comes to babies....She loves, loves, loves them! I asked her if I could have a turn holding Marley and she told me " No Way!" Funny thing is..she means it! She was counting up all her babies the other day and came up with 9 different babies that she claims as her own! If you ever need someone to hold your little one for a minute... or twenty you know who to call! She is going to be a great little mommy someday!

OH! Ohen... Isn't he just the cutest little man!


Natalie said...

I cannot believe those two are dads! How ironic they both had kids on the same day too. Congrats to both of them!