Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome Home!

Thursday October 2nd was a great day! My parents returned home from their 18 month mission to Australia. All the Grandkids had Australian Flags to hold and a sign to welcome them home. We all started to cheer when we saw them finally come down the escalator. It didn't take long for the kids to run and give Grandpa and Grandma BIG HUGS! We are all very excited to have them back home with us again!

All the Grandkids PATIENTLY waiting to see Grandpa and Grandma

My parents didn't know that my brother Tyler was going to be at the was great to have the whole family together again!

All the kids decided that my parents house needed a little updating so the last month they were gone we had their door painted black,put new black shutters on, hung new outdoor lights on the house and also replanted the front yard. We had many Family Home Evenings together to get everything done! This picture is their reaction to their "new house." We were all a little scared they wouldn't like it but everything turned out amazing and they said they love all the new changes! Welcome Home Elder and Sister Tuckett!


Ms. Mort said...

I'm so glad they're back! You are a very good daughter. I hope Ashley loves me as much as you love your Mom. Miss you! Jen :)

atkinson family said...

Dang, Jen is on early this morning :)! Your parents look so happy, I didn't realize your family was so big. How fun! I'm glad your mom is home! Cute post

ERIN said...


The Cook Family said...

Welcome home! I am sure you are so happy to have them back! Give them our love!