Thursday, September 4, 2008

Easton and his peeps

Easton loves his peeps Josh and Emily.


Sunshine said...

Perfect title! What a cute boy.
I have a thing on my blog that shows when people update so that's how I always know you have updated & I check out what you've done. Just don't want you to think all I do is blog all day : )

ERIN said...

Sunshine has a life. I don't. I check your blog like every 10 minutes. IT made for a very long summer, Mel-- with NO POSTS!

This was a great catch up entry though. I love your breakfast in bed tradition... and especially the ALL DAY birthday celebrations. Will you adopt me? I'd like to have all that done for my birthday (Jan. 23, in case you forgot!!)
ps. The first baptism is a killer, huh? I bawled all day with Joe's baptism... then a year later when it was CJ's turn, I was trying to keep Tommy quiet long enough to hear or see anything. Needless to say, the two events were like night and day. I made up some mushy stuff for CJ's journal though, so he wouldn't feel bad that I didn't really feel anything at all! Dang TOmmy and his stupid two year old fits.