Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Birthday!

July is our PARTY month...Ashie turned the BIG 5 years old this July--She is very excited to be 5 because that means she will start Kindergarten and also because it means that Grammie on a mission will be home soon!

"Brecfist" in bed is served!

Last minute I decided to do a friend party for Ash. She said she wanted a late night party and if that is what the birthday girl wants, by golly, that is what she gets! We invited a few friends over that night. They came in their P.J's and had pizza and played games like musical pillows, made princess birthday hats and then watched Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's sleep over party video---Yes, I was made fun of by the clerk at the video store but the girls loved it and that is the important thing--right?!

Here is a picture of the cake I made for the party...it is a giant cupcake with brownie on the bottom and icecream on top---so cute!(the cake pan is from Williams and Sonoma f.y.i.)

Ash had a great Birthday---good thing because the next day she didn't feel well so I took her to the doctor---she had Strep throat---PARTY'S OVER!


Sunshine said...

YEA!! Glad you updated. Look at those cute girls getting so big. Ashlyn looks so old in those pictures. You are such a cute mom and do the cutest birthdays.

Tiff said...

I am so glad you updated - and I am so impressed with your cakes so cute! I can't believ how big Ashlyn is I haven't seen her forever I guess crazy!