Wednesday, June 18, 2008

May Madness

I have been without internet on my computer for awhile so now I get to play catch up on my blog, so hang tight while I tell you briefly about our crazy month of May.

This is a picture of "Mother's Day tea" at Ashlyn's preschool. Her teacher invites the mothers to a short program and then we get to sit and visit and eat treats with all the cute kids in the class. Notice the braclet on my wrist... that was my Mother's Day gift from Ashlyn!

For my birthday this year Amber, Nicole and I (we missed you Sunshine)had a girls night out. We went and had pedicures and then went out to dinner. It was a lot of fun and I'm thinking we should make it a tradition!! Cecil took me to the Zermatt for my Birthday for the all you can eat seafood buffet--Yummy!---and for golf the next morning with our friends Matt and Beth. Between Mother's Day and my birthday I really get spoiled during the month of May! and I love it!

Ashlyn graduated from Preschool which means she will start Kindergarten in the fall?!?..... I am totally in denial about her growing up.We are so proud of you Ashlyn! And we will think about letting you go to Kindergarten!

This is Ashlyn and her Bestest Buddie Ashley all dressed up for their dance recital. Ash has taken dance for the past 2 years and has really enjoyed it. One of her favorite shows to watch is So You think you can dance....Who knows maybe someday she will be on it.

There is that Handsome boy again...with his first "real" haircut! I say "Real" because I don't really count the times he was crying in the tub while I was practicing my haircutting skills on him. I took him to a professional and he sat so still and didn't make a sound the entire time. It was well worth the $9.00---I should have given in a long time ago!

And last but not least.....Morgan has been spending a lot of time practicing and playing coach pitch baseball this past month----The weather has been kind of crazy...every game she has needed long sleeve shirts and jackets because it's been so cold. Cecil is the coach and it's been fun watching them enjoy baseball together.


The Boyos said...

Wow...what a fun month! I loved the picture of the Nicole the one with black sandals on? I have been meaning to comment on your handsome boy...he is just about the cutest thing ever! Next to my own of course! :) That is a super cute haircut...I was cutting Harmon's hair, got mad, and then he got buzzed. Oh well, it will grow! My oldest starts kindergarten this fall...CRAZY!!