Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Anniversay!

Cecil and I have been married 11 years today!! I am so lucky to be married to my Best Friend! It has been a great adventure and I can't wait for 11+ more years with you by my side! I love you Cec!
This is my family at the Temple

This is Cecil's Family at the Temple

We looked so young back then!

I love this picture....happy little school boy!

I love how little my brother Nate is in this picture...

I promise not to shove cake up your nose......oops! did I do that?!?


Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary Mel! Wow 11 years that's a really long time. I love the picture of you and your brothers. That wouldn't have really worked in my family.

Sunshine said...

Happy Anniversary!! It seems like yesterday in so many ways. Amazing how time flies.

Nicole said...

I forgot it was your anniversay! I love seeing Cecil looking soo young, as for you Mel, you still look like your 21!!

Tiff said...

Oh my gosh I am dying at how young you guys look that is so crazy!

The Boyos said...

Happy Anniversary...late! I can't believe it has been 11 years...where does the time go? Seems like we were just in college not that long ago. Crazy!!

Lori Read said...

OK- Happy LATE Anniversary!! I cant believe how YOUNG Cecil looks-
Congrats on making it 11 years-


ERIN said...

i remember getting your engagement announcement when I was a missionary in Italy. I had it up on my wall for a long time, and was bummed to not make it to your wedding! You were in Florida by the time I got back-- so many adventures we've all gone through in only 11 years! Growing up with you is sure fun Mel! Thinking of you,