Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lucky #4--You Look Marvelous!

So, I was tagged by my friend Cheree---this is how it works: open your 4th picture file and post the 4th picture and then explain what the picture is about. I had a good laugh when I saw that this was the 4th picture---this is Cecil's brother Isaac (who is one of the funniest guys you will ever meet.) We took this picture of Isaac when we RV'ed it to Oregon for Thanksgiving---
side note: Ironically we just rented and watched the movie The RV with Robbin Williams, tonight which is a hilllarious movie---at least for us---(may have been the time 0f night we watched it!) So rent it if you haven't seen it yet!
Any Whoo! We went to the outlet mall in Oregon and Isaac saw this hat and fell in love---He really wanted to buy it and wear it to the OSU vs. U of O game a.k.a. the civil war game. We talked him into not buying it but rather just possing for a few "blackmail" pictures instead. Maybe he should have worn it to the game---then maybe the beavers would have won ---There's always next year---Go BEAV'S
Now I get to tag 4 lucky friends to do the same thing and the winners are: Jen, Kelly, Nicole and Janae! Don't disappoint :)


The Cook Family said...

What!?! Isaac is supposed to be a little boy still! yikes!

Cheree said...

I am so glad you took on the tag. It is so fun to pull up random picture and bring up good memories. I love the picture.