Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There is never a holiday that goes unnoticed around here....Thanks to our cute, cute Morgan. She is very intense about holidays and usually doesn't get much sleep the night before because she is so excited for the big HOORAY!! So all last week she has been busy at work building her

"Leprechaun trap" out of an old box and a cup full of peanut butter with shiny gold coins inside...(the idea being that the leprechauns would go in the cup for the coins and get stuck in the peanut butter.) She set it all up last night before bed and left a note that said

Dear Leppercon,

First of all, Please leave 7 dollars and I will leave my coines. Please right a note.


Well those naughty little leprechauns jumped in the peanut butter and knocked over the box house and took the coins and jumped on top of the box house and left foot prints all over and left a note that said Shiney Coins!---but did not leave 7 dollars!?!? I guess peanut butter isn't sticky enough so they got away...... Better luck next year Morgan!

Happy St. Patricks Day from our little leprechauns to yours!


Sunshine said...

what a cute, fun mom you are. And good thing you always have Morgan there to keep you on your toes with those holidays.

ERIN said...

You're kids are so cute Mel. Can't wait to see what this new little guy looks like. Think you'll actually get a dark haired kid like Cecil one of these days, or is your beautiful blondness too over powering?
love you!
ps. did you decide on a name yet?

Cheree said...

Morgan is so creative. It was so good to see you guys. I am so glad that you decided to drop by.
Krystalyn was so glad to see Morgan and can't stop talking about how tall and older she looks.
I was also wondering about the counter tops that Nicole had done. Is there I way that I can get a hold of her to talk to her?