Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Boy

Easton is such a HAPPY little boy and it is hard to believe that he is 3 years old already! We had a birthday cake with suckers for candles(minor details) and enjoyed the weekend at Zions. Here are some of the things Easton likes as a BIG 3 year old!

Favorite Foods: popcorn, apples, string cheese, juice, ham and cheese, yogurt, spagetti with meatballs, strawberry smoothies made by dad.

Loves to play: with cousin Josh, His peeps-Josh and Emily, "got you last" with grandpa, playhouse disney and webkinz (he is quite good at using the computer), his building blocks Grandma gave him for his birthday.

Favorite color: Depends on the day--today was Red

Favorite Movie: Peter Pan

Likes: Spiderman, golfing and fishing with Dad, wrestling Dad, Jumping on the Trampoline, Bike rides.

Favorite word: "Poop" (he laughs everytime he says it or hears it?!?)

Other intersting Facts: He loves putting underwear on his head and socks on his hands and chases the girls around the house( be afraid, be very afraid!), He has a SELF APPOINTED "spot" on the couch and a special bar stool and trust me you don't want to mess with him when it comes to either one of these things!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EASTON! We love you xoxoxox


Ms. Mort said...

Cannot believe he's 3. I will always remember our first meeting:)

Shruthi Pendyala R said...

u have the cutest blog I've seen so far. i have no clue who u are or your family. but therez just so much real joy in every picture. ur lucky lady!! :) vvery!!