Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dirty laundry

I'm feeling the need to air some dirty laundry......because there seems to be so much of it these days. I am TRYING to potty train E-Man and it's just been another poopie day. For the record, I really really really do not like potty training other than the cute little biscuits you get to see running from one end of the house to the other looking for a clean pair of underwear. Also, the end result is quite nice, but for the LOVE...... for the love of your Mother and her sanity pleeeeeeease just go on the toilet! I have bribed him with every cool toy or tasty treat any little boy could possibly want but he still does not want to do the DEED where it belongs. I know I just need to be patient... it will happen when he is ready Right?!?

Whew! I feel much better and all the laundry in the house is clean---at the moment.
Any tricks that have worked for you?


The Boyos said...

We made a sticker chart and for every 10 pees or 3 poops he got to get a prize, like an ice cream cone, or a trip to wal-mart to buy a toy, etc. We put the chart next to the toilet and he got to put stickers on it. I even gave one if he started in his pants and finished in the toilet. Better to reward the good behavior and voila! it worked.

J.J. said...

Boys are crazy and so much harder to potty train! Some of mine just have not even cared--if they are wet, reek of urine or have skids in their whity-tighty's. Very frustrating! There have been a few days where I am tempted to go steal a catheter from the hospital, hook them up and then have a relaxing day on the couch with bon bons! Good, Good Luck! I hope it gets better soon.

Oh--My kids love gum. We have a little gum ball machine that has helped a few times. They earn pennies from not piddling in their pants---Then, "buy" a gum ball, chew away, rot your teeth all while enjoying clean pants! Can't lose!

Cheree said...

Oh the joys of being a mom. I used with both of my girls, the book "Potty Training in Less Than a Day" It worked really well with Krystalyn but not so well with Kaytlyn because I thought she was ready at the same age I potty trained Krystalyn. Once she was ready I really like the process. Now the day that you are potty training was such a pain in the rear, but after it was worth it and it worked great. In the book it talks about using a little potty and have them empty it but I just had them go in the bathroom and use the normal toilet.
Now I have never potty trained a boy so I don't know all the tricks but have learned and heard many times that they have to be ready or it is a nightmare. So Kaydyn won't be potty trained until he is 7 years old. If you find the magic way with boys, please share. Good Luck!

Ms. Mort said...

I don't know what the problem is...he poops in the toilet for me, haha. He just didn't want me cleaning him up I guess. Sound like you're doing great!