Friday, December 12, 2008


I love reading books with my kids at night and one of our all time favorite books is "GOODNIGHT MOON" I have read it so many times I know every word by heart. I found this funny poem about being a mom that goes along with the book goodnight moon, but it's called GOODNIGHT MOM. Oh! the joys of Motherhood! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

In the messy green family room

There was telemarketer ringing the telephone

And a crying toddler because his brother

just popped his red balloon

And a picture of--

The cow jumping over the moon

(which someone colored on with permanent marker)

And there was a missing teddy bear, and a girl

with gum in her hair

And one to be scolded and laundry to be folded

And a very hungry spouse

And something stinky in the house

(that no one else seemed to smell)

And a comb and a brush and a colicky

baby who just won't shush

And a frazzled mommy screaming ?#@!

Goodnight messy room

Goodnight scribbled-on moon

Goodnight cow getting out while she can

Goodnight telemarketers and the popped balloon

Goodnight long-gone teddy bear

Goodnight cereal bar smeared all over thedining room chair

Goodnight spitup and goodnight leaky sippy cup

Goodnight much-too-little house and

goodnight grumpy spouse

Goodnight comb and goodnight brush

And goodnight to a certain 4-year-old

who just needs to hush right now, I mean it

Goodnight Elmo

Goodnight toys we'll pick up tomorrow,

or the next day

Hello (DRINK OF YOUR CHOICE) and Tivo-

"me" time FINALLY!


Ms. Mort said...

I just think that is so well said!

idaho.johnson said...

Mel!!! Thanks for your comment! I am so excited to find your blog. Your kids are adorable, you look great, and I am so excited about your #4! Crazy that both of our husbands are gray! Happy that Jeff still has hair! Let the fun begin as we stalk each other's blogs! Yipee!

Merry Christmas!
Love, JaNae

Oh, for the farting naked elf thing! Check this out! Our family fave---vile that it is!!

Cheree said...

You are such a good mom!I am so glad we can keep in contact more with the blogs. I hope you had a good Christmas.

mum2brady said...

Love it!!!

Jared and Lydia said...

Let's see christmas.