Tuesday, February 12, 2008


okay Sunshine, here goes!!

If I tagged you here's what you do. Post the words in all caps below and fill in info about yourself. Then, at the end you tell who you are tagging & go and tag 5 friends on their blogs. It's just a way to get to know fun little things about people.

TEN YEARS AGO.......life was so easy back then!! I was a newlywed of 7 months. Cecil and I had recently moved back from Florida and I was working as an orthodontic assistant. We lived in a little apartment that we called "The Cave" paying only $290 a month(including utilities.)

FIVE PLACES THAT I HAVE VISITED.........Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Florida, Washington D.C
(the real question was 5 places that I have Lived but that wasen't nearly as interesting as the places I have visited.)

FIVE THINGS ON MY TO DO LIST........run, make valentines cookies (maybe I should reverse the order of those 2), apply for a passport, go visiting teaching, and clean my house(this is forever an always on my "to do" list.)

I ENJOY..........so many things!! Spending time with my cute kids and hubby, blogging, traveling, the sun, being with friends, listening to my kids laugh, reading Stephanie Meyers series(Twighlight, New Moon, Eclipse), a clean house, baking, wearing flip flops, golfing, the movie Dan in real life, shopping without kids, gerber daisies, Magelbys all you can eat crab legs!

THREE BAD HABITS........I stay up way to late at night, I have a very bad habit of leaving my bathroom counter messy and not putting lids back on things---like toothpaste, makeup, haircare products (I can't believe I am admitting that---I guess now I am 1 step closer to recovery!) And last but not least, I have a bad habit of letting my kids eat in the car so it is always a disaster!

FIVE THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME.........I am very claustrophobic(thanks to my brothers locking me in closets, toy boxes and sleeping bags when I was younger.) I LOVE American Idol!!(I am a horrible singer so I love to hear what it is supposed to soundlike.) My brothers and I used to go to drive-thru's like Burger King and Wendys and order a couple of things including a LARGE WATER and when we pulled up to the window to pay we would squirt them with a super soaker and drive away!(Not very nice, I know. Once again I will place full blame on my Brothers:) Sometimes I catch myself playing webkinz Arcade games on the computer at night---I'm just trying to earn Webkinz money for Morgan I swear!! My least favorite place to go is the grocery store!

FIVE JOBS THAT I HAVE HAD.............When I was about 9 or 10 years old I used to deliver Avon Books for an elderly "Avon Lady" and she would let me order stuff out of the catalog as my payment, I worked at the Sugar Shack in the Mall all through High School, Allens Super Save as a cashier for 1 day---I Hated it so I quit!! Prestwich Farms as a Hostess( This is where I met Cecil---he was the General Manager who hired me and the rest is HISTORY!) I also worked as an orthodotic assistant for 7 years-----teeth are the first thing I notice when I look at someone---that could probably go under the bad habit list!!

I tag Mindy, Rebecca, Erin, Jillyn, and Heidi---Good Luck!!


Nicole said...

Hi Mel, I love your blog! It sounds like fun to "tag" someone. I am trying to get my blog set up as we speak.
Love, Nicole