Friday, December 14, 2007

Flashback Friday!

I'm not sure if I'm doing this for your entertainment or my own but I've decided to post pictues from the past.....since Christmas is coming soon I dug up some old Christmas photos....hope you enjoy them!

This first one is a picture of Cecil(in the red PJ's) and his older brother Eric and sister Heidi and his younger brother Jacob(December 1978)

I don't have a date on this one but I look about 1 years old(I'm the one crying in the back!!)and my cute older brothers Kameron and Tyler!!! Santa looks extreamly happy as well!

This is a Christmas photo taken with my moms side of the family--Her mom and Dad and her sister Sandy and husband John and her brother Steve(back row). Yes, we are all in our new Christmas "jogging suits" that we got every year and I remember getting in trouble because I kept making funny faces in the pictures---I was an angel---most of the time!!


Sunshine said...

:) I am so glad you're doing flashback Friday. Love the pics.
I'm amazed at how much your brothers look like Steve.

Sunshine said...

Morgan is 100% Melina