Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's True...Morgan has worked her magic again, with those big beautiful brown eyes of hers and somehow conviced us that she should have a pet bunny. She is good at that magic stuff because I believe one pet is plenty---so having a dog AND a bunny goes against everything I believe in. Morgan, A.K.A Dr. Doolittle, has been saving her money for months ever since she found out that our neighbors bunny was going to have babies. She has been obsessed with bunnies---every week she would come home from school with a new library book that talked about bunnies. She has become quite the expert!! She even dressed up as a bunny for halloween this year because that is all that she can think about, talk about, dream we bought a cage and here is the newest member of the Read gang......

Introducing....Shadow the 5 week old bunny

And as you can see, she is already recieving lots and lots of love!!!!


Korean Hales said...

Lucky!!!! Love the color. So beautiful.

Tiffany said...

you should have told me she wanted bunnies we have 2 you could have!!! she is so cute good luck!

Sunshine said...

OH MY GOSH!! Treyce is going to be so jealous!! our neighbors the next street over have bunnies & every chance Treyce gets he escapes to the neighbors to feed & play with the bunnies. It has been a BIG ordeal. I want to get a bunny just to keep Treyce in our yard. We got him a fish to show that he can take good care of a pet before he gets a big pet. Yeah he almost killed it the first day.We are working our way up to possibly getting a bunny. We just have to talk Kyle into it, good luck, Ehh!
It's amazing how kids help you to start changing your mind on these things.

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