Thursday, October 25, 2007

Surf's Up in St. George

For Fall Break we hit the road and headed to St. George for one last time on the boat. The water was a little cold but that didn't scare Ashlyn from doing a little surfing behind the boat with Daddy---how cute is that?!?


Amber said...

GO ASH!! She could teach me a few tricks! But I have to ask...was she really having fun?? She seems so ticked/serious. Love you Ashy!!

Sunshine said...

Amazing!! I don't get how either one of them can do that. Way to be adventurous Ashlyn. YOU GO GIRL!!!

Korean Hales said...

That's awesome! Ashlyn must be like little Maya....dare devil! That looks like a lot of fun. Definitely reminds me of our Utah trip boating with you guys. We had so much fun. We'll have to come again so we can go boating with you guys. :)