Thursday, August 2, 2007

Perfect Princess

Ashlyn is 4 years old!! She had a princess birthday party and a special guest came to join in on the fun----Belle!! Ashlyn absolutely loves Belle--in fact, that is what she calls herself most of the time. So, you can imagine how suprised she was when she opened up the door and saw Belle standing there. The look on her face was worth every penny!! They played princess, princess, Queen (duck, duck, goose), and had story time with Belle and also did The Hokie Pokie--princess style of course!! It was a perfect birthday party for our perfect little princess!!!


Erin said...

Is that Amber dressed up as Belle? It looks like her!

What a totally FUN birthday!!!! and my goodness, now you've created a monster! All the other neighborhood mom's are going to be thinking, " oh great, how am I supposed to out do Melina Read???"

Glad I"m not in your neighborhood, I'd NEVER be able to come up with anything better! YOu did a great job! And I"m happy to see you finally jumped on the blogspot wagon with me!