Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Morgan turns 7!!

For Morgan's birthday we had a carnival party---it was alot of fun and a TON of work---What was I thinking!?! We had different booths setup---pin the tail on the monkey, ring toss, ball toss, fishing for treasure, clothes pin drop, spray away(ping pong balls on golf tees that had to be knocked off by squirting water from a little squirt gun), tattos,guessing game(guess how many gum balls in the jar), and a carnival just isn't a carnival without all the sweets----popcorn,cotton candy and drinks!! I know---I'll be the first to admit it---I really went over board on the birthdays this year---but it sure was fun while it lasted!!!


momof3kids said...

I came across your carnival party blog - too cute! Where did you get the carnival banner? It is adorable and I'd love to get one for my daughter's carnival party which will be next month.

Emily (