Sunday, October 11, 2009

Look How much I've Grown!

Camden just minutes old. Take notice to the way he is holding his hands--
(It's the golf grip--for all you non-golfers out there!)
So as you can imagine Cecil was an extra proud papa when he saw this!

Camden just hours after being born getting loves from Grandma Debbie.

Camden 1 day old getting his beauty rest.

Camden a couple of days old with his proud papa! ( love this picture!)

Camden at his 2 week old photo shoot. Taken by Sandy Landon Photography.

Camden 3 months old and cuter than ever!

Camden showing off his adorable smile that lights up his whole face!If everyone smiled like this once a day the world would be a much happier place-- don't ya think?!


Lori said...

I know I am your next door neighbors little sister, but I think we are friends too right?! Anyways I had to comment and tell you how dang cute Camden is, I love all the pictures! Can't wait to see him.

lovely said...

He is adorable. I cant wait to see him. So glad to see pictures of him. Love aunt Heidi

J.J. said...

He is so great! I hope he is a good baby for you! He is certainly blessed in the handsome dept. I loved the announcement you sent! Thank you. I love your post!

atkinson family said...

Finally- your back! Love the cute pictures of Camden. He is definately a cutie. Heres to more cute pictures and updates from the reads!

ERIN said...

you've been killing me, Mel!
I am so HAPPY to finally hear about Camden and the kids! Can't wait to hear more and SEE more!!!
love you!

Sunshine said...

AAWWW!! love the BIG SMILE!!

J said...

Melina...your little baby is BEAUTIFUL!!! isn't having a little baby boy the best thing ever in the loveable and fun! I wanted to comment on your post about being busy with FOUR...I feel your pain sister-I too have a 4th grader, 1st grader, and pre-schooler, and my little baby boy is crazy busy crawling everywhere-so enjoy your baby while you can hold him and love on him every minute-no matter how much laundry you have:-) you are amazing and your family is beautiful-take care-Jillyn

The Cook Family said...

I know you have probably never heard this before, but DANG you have cute babies!

Nicole said...

Well can you believe I actually took a second and looked at your blog?! I have missed out on so much. Tell Camden he is growing too fast, and I can't keep up with him! Your a great mommy! Love ya!!

Cheree said...

Ok Melina, you have to come visit so that I can see that cute, adorable baby in person and see our new house. I will call this holiday break and we will have to set up a time to get together.

The Cook Family said...

I was so excited to see you in my inbox!!!! Why don't I have your email? We will be in town starting next week and would LOVE to see you! Call me!